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Our objective: One single platform to present key information about all main outdoor activity spots in Southeast Asia with a particular attention to reliability and consistency.


Looking for outdoor activities in Southeast Asia can be tricky sometimes. Whether it is from the lack of information easily accessible or the language barrier but eventually the vast diversity of outdoor activity options in the region is often ill-known and their potential still underexploited. This website aims at addressing just that: communicating about these locations for all outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy more easily.

At the origin of this project are two young expatriates who have been living in Bangkok for several years. Through years of swimming or running sessions after work or weekend trips to climbing, kite surfing, hiking areas or else, we have accumulated a certain amount of information about these locations. Very well aware of the difficulty to find reliable information elsewhere we decided to create this platform.

It would be illusory to pretend we have covered all locations. As such, we most welcome external contribution to make this platform as exhaustive as possible. If you would like to submit a new location and share your knowledge, please have a look at our dedicated forms you can find here and feel free to comment any article!

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Warning and Disclaimer: The practice of sports can be dangerous. Both subjective and objective dangers will always be part of every activity. You must take all precautions and carefully evaluate your own ability before starting any activity.
Even though great care was taken to provide the most accurate information possible, it is possible to have incorrect or outdated data. Therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information made available on this platform. Certain safety risks may exist at the sport locations that are not mentioned in this website. Your own judgment should always prevail over any information provided in this platform.

Your use of this website indicates your assumption of the risk of serious injury or death as a result of practicing a sport with inherent dangers and is an acknowledgement of your responsibility for your own safety.