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Kite repair in Thailand - fix your kite or board professionaly

3 years 4 months ago #4 by Yvan
Yvan created the topic: Kite repair in Thailand - fix your kite or board professionaly
You've smashed your kite. Now what??
This has happened to many of us, so I'm writing here the best way to fix it in Thailand.

Good news, Mr Pin is there to take your kite back to life until the next crash.
Based in Pranburi and Hua Hin, he makes professional repairs for pretty much any kind of damages on kites, boards, windsurf and sails at very affordable price. You can drop off your gear either at his place in Pranburi or at his shop in Hua Hin. He usually fixes things up for the next day and you're ready to ride! For serious damages requiring spare parts such as new bladder, valves, board straps, etc., Mr Pin can order the parts for you.

Typical prices I've got for some repairs on my kites :
  • 100 THB for a pinhole
  • 400 THB for leading edge cut including opening and sewing back the leading edge
  • 900 THB for a monstrous 1.5m long canopy tear

All very well made and still holding fine so far. Although the price is to be agreed with him beforehand.

Best is to first call Mr Pin on his mobile: +66-87-156-7982
His addresses are:
Hua Hin shop "Surfspot":
143/31 soi 75/1 hua hin
GPS: 12.553496,99.963483

Pranburi workshop (not often available there):
Pak nam pran Soi 16 - 133/1
GPS: 12.381842, 99.990651

Other shops also offer repair services, though most of them subcontract to Mr Pin and take a margin on the price.

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